Episode 6: Eradicating the Opportunity Gap for People of Color

December 15, 2020 | 9 am PT / 12 pm ET

Systemic racism in the workplace has created and exacerbated the racial pay gap and the opportunity gap. People of color not only get paid less than their peers for doing similar work, but they lack equal access to advance, whether it’s into leadership roles or entrepreneurship. According to BLCK VC, only 3% of venture capitalists are Black, with even fewer controlling the $100B+ invested annually in the U.S.
In this episode of Fairness at Work, Syndio CEO Maria Colacurcio, along with a guest speaker, will explore how to transform this vicious cycle into a virtuous cycle. We’ll discuss: 
  • Best practices to identify and fix the root causes of the opportunity gap, from referrals and hiring to promotions and more
  • Steps companies—and VC firms—can take to foster innovation and advancement for people of color
  • How a data-driven approach to pay equity can help you move from an aspirational commitment to workplace fairness to definitive action and real change

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