Episode 7: Equity, Bonuses, and Incentives: The Dirty Secrets of Fair Pay

January 26, 2021 | 9 am PT / 12 pm ET

Discussing salaries is becoming increasingly less taboo. Employees are freely sharing their pay, bonuses, and equityeven going as far as crowdsourcing Excel sheetsdredging important information to the surface that many companies would rather keep confidential. The reason for such confidentiality? To avoid costly litigation if pay inequities are exposed.
Taking a holistic view of pay from the early stages of employment allows us to look at more than just discrepancies at base pay. A 2018 study shows how women who negotiated lower incentive pay at the time of hire reveal a “disparity in total compensation occurring over a period of several years.”
Join us for the next episode of our monthly webinar series as we discuss:
  • How getting equity distribution wrong in early funding rounds can lead to compounding wealth inequities over time
  • How the wage gap is intensified when bonus pay is considered
  • Ways to properly mitigate pitfalls by analyzing employee base pay, incentive pay, and total compensation before and after incentive pay is rewarded

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